Autumn And Winter Ceramic Tile Technology Big Promote

Golden September and Silver October, but say day cool and good autumn. Autumn is a good season of the year decoration. Autumn decoration, the chose and buy of ceramic tile is very important, the color and luster of ceramic tile style determines home style. In all kinds of used in indoor and outdoor space decoration of ceramic tile products, people more and more like the pursuit of telepathy household products. In home outfit, material own texture and color collocation, often can affect the whole decorates the effect of beautiful sex. Use vogue and individual character of warm color ceramic tile for home decoration increasing pouring position, has become a kind of autumn decoration tide and the trend.

For the ceramic tile sector is concerned, the 2012 will be the product technology promotion, product function promotion year. People through the ceramic tile taste life, taste fashion, formed a kind of trend. Micro crystal stone, polishing glaze brick, ink-jet printing technology ceramic tile all have become the main body of the market.

One of the popular trends: new technology tile
Mentioned inkjet printing, people may first association to printing, papermaking technology, at present, this technology can be applied to the tile field, its appearance once again rich ceramic expression, making ceramics in itself hardness and gloss base, increased the artistic quality of wall paper, when consumers in the application and design of the home improvement also is more convenient.

The second one of popular trends: the large brick
With the improvement of living standards, consumers for ceramic tile adornment effect also pay more and more attention, in the contracted style, modern home outfit style popular today.

Large ceramic tile with its high flatness, high gloss and small aperture etc factors become the first choice of consumers in the autumn and winter of 2012.

The third popular trend: Micro crystal stone
Compared with popular in last few years antique tiles and polished tiles, Micro Crystal Stone once listed, then because of its high research and development costs, cumbersome and complex process and looks gorgeous been labeled as high-end, aristocratic label. The price is more than the thousand or so. However, with the atmosphere, luxurious effect and smooth texture, it was agreed by the mansion consumers of all ages.

Micro Crystal Stone decorative facing plank is a kind of advanced superior fashionable building decoration materials, All adopt natural material is made. Its color rich, beautiful, magnificent qualities, and is a natural stone material and ceramic tile the update products, has the wear resistance, high hardness, do not fade, easy maintenance and no radioactive contamination of the special excellent properties. Since the launch market has become the floor, wall body, ambry mesa, wash one’s hands stage panel and so on the darling of building materials of new generation.

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