Box Spring Beds Or Slat Beds

A good nights rest is one of the most important things for some people. They will go to great lengths to find a bed and mattress that will provide them with the support they need to have a good nights rest. Today there are two basic types of beds that are prevalent in the Western world. Box spring beds and slat beds.

For some people the differences may not even be worth thinking about, but there are differences between the two that make some people choose the one over the other.

Most traditional beds these days are box spring beds and not slat beds. This means that the frame of the bed has a box with supportive springs inside it. The mattress is places on top of this frame. This gives the bed the springy feel that they tend to have. While these beds are the most prevalent these days, they are not the only ones.

While technically an older design, slat beds are still available in many places and are actually chosen over the newer design. Slat beds are bed frames that have parallel slats running between the headboard and the foot of the bed. Depending on the design they may be horizontal or vertical but this is usually style choice rather than for any practical reason. The mattress is placed upon the frame and supports it quite effectively.

In contrast to the box spring bed, the slat bed tends to give the sleeper a little more support because of its more rigid structure. That is why when you purchase a slat bed you must purchase a mattress that will give the necessary support that is absent. Most furniture stores will be able to help you select a mattress appropriate for a slat bed so you do not have to worry about the specific mattress that you will need. Slat beds also have more space under the bed since it is not taken up by the large box spring.

This makes them ideal for childrens rooms or wherever things need to be stored under the bed.

Finally, because they give the extra-added support from the rigid slats, they tend to be more comfortable in some cases and also better for people with various back problems. Slat beds come from the past and yet they are still sought after in many places in the Western world. They come in a variety of forms from bunk beds, the camper beds to normal beds. Built sturdy and tough they offer you the support that you are not likely to find in a box spring bed and also take up much less space in the bedroom. All you have to do is make sure that you have the perfect mattress to go with your bed and you will soon be drifting off into blissful slumber.