Ceramic Tiles From Ancient World To The Modern World

Ceramic tiles have a very old history. They are use since thousands of years and were developed by human race. Ceramics had great accessibility; they reached every corner of the world very rapidly and soon were brought to use indifferent forms. Their popularity can be measured from the very fact that the ceramic has almost same meaning in different corners of world.

The word ceramic has been derived from the Greek word called keramos which means pottery. In Latin the meaning of ceramic tile is a roof tile of baked clay. Similarly, ceramic is also linked to an old Sanskrit root that means to burn, but was mainly used to indicate burnt stuff. The traces ceramic tiles were first found in the pyramids, ancient ruins of Greek and the ruins of Babylon city. These tiles are referred as the oldest tiling material known to human beings so far.

Since ceramic tiles are man made they can be created in different forms and patterns. As a result they are the range of tiles varies greatly in terms of shapes, sizes, design, shades as well as patterns. Not only they are available in varied form but they are also highly elegant and stylish substance known to embellish home. Beside their numerous shades they are tough and durable. It could really last as long as your home.

Because ceramic is versatile in its nature, it offers opportunity to use them anywhere you want. They can be used in kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls, etc. Though, they are basically used for walling and flooring of bathrooms and kitchens.

Although ceramic tiles are manufactured all over the world but the best quality is found on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. These tiles made by combining different kinds of clays, which are mixed with water then designed, shaped and fired in special kilns designed to burn the clay mixture. So, it can be said that these tiles are basically a flame broiled mud.

Classy, fashionable and easy to retain, ceramic tiles is presently among the most famous tiles offering an array of designs to choose from. Denoting the real elegance these tiles are increasingly chosen as cost effective and as an attractive flooring material. The introduction of different ceramic forms in the market has made users more open to their choices. Like, Italian style tiles in ceramic form are quite famous today. Similarly, there are several forms of ceramic tiles which offer timeless beauty as well as the benefit of easy maintenance.