Ceramic Tiles – Why We Can Consider It As An Ideal Flooring Material

The ceramic tiles are the man-made materials which were formed almost 4000 years ago. The word ceramic was derived from a Greek word Keramos, which means pottery. The evidences of ceramic tiles first found in pyramids and also in the ancient cities of the Greek. The other archaeological evidences of ceramic tiles are Persian tiles work, mosaic of Spain, the Majolica floor tiles of Italy and so forth. We can say this ceramic tiles discovered by our forefathers are the oldest flooring material.

In the beginning, the Ceramic tiles were simple white or fawn color used basically for the flooring of kitchen and the bathrooms, but today they come in wide range of sizes, shapes, designs, colors and patterns and thats why they can be installed anywhere in the house. With technical advancements, the ceramic tiles are available in countless designs and patterns.

Well, the ceramic tiles are gaining popularity and now are becoming a favorite choice for designing house. This is only because of the qualities these tiles possess. Besides durability and toughness, the tiles are also known for their sophisticated and elegant look. The tiles give a classic glimpse to floor and are a much preferred flooring option because of their cost effectiveness as well as looks.

Numerous variety of ceramic tiles product are available in the market that can be used as floor tiles, wall tiles or roof tiles. However, based on the properties and materials, ceramic tiles are broadly classified into Vitrified tiles, Porcelain tiles, Mosaic tiles, Glazed tiles, Quarry tiles and Terracotta tiles. All the tiles have their own specialty and based on that have diverse uses.

The vitrified tiles are the replacement of stones and marbles due to their flawless joint, uniform color and texture. The porcelain tiles are excellent choice for using in outdoor, as they dont get damaged under heavy traffic. The mosaic tiles are most suitable on walls, curved surfaces as murals, in water pools, and low traffic floors, as they do not chip easily and are slip-resistant. The glazed tiles with satin finish are suitable for countertops, walls and low traffic areas. The quarry tiles are mostly used in the heavy commercial establishments due to their naturally stain resistant and slip resistant qualities. The handmade or the machine made terracotta tiles are mostly used in the roof as they remain cool in the summer and hot in the winter.

Today, the ceramic tiles are used everywhere, like interior or exterior of a home, residential or commercial spaces and for their comprehensive usage they have got a new style statement. For having a long lifecycle, durability as well as low-maintenance features, the ceramic tiles are now treated as an ideal flooring material.

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