Flooring Options – Carpet, Ceramic Tiles Or Timber Flooring

If you are about to take on a new real estate purchase the style of flooring you choose will impact your lifestyle. Let’s compare the three obvious flooring options that will best suit you and your family.

Carpet – Advantages. Potentially the greatest advantage of carpet is the noise decrease attributes a carpeted room allows for. Wall to wall carpeting offers a snug and homelike surround which is also dictated by the variety of carpet – you can not beat a dense sumptuous plush pile under foot but if you detest carpet pilling stay clear from woollen styles.

Carpet – Disadvantages. The obvious disadvantage is the maintenance factor and the ability to stain carpet through general all purpose usage. And if you have a susceptible reaction to allergies, carpet might not be an advisable alternative because of its ability to carry dust inside the carpet fibers. Dust mites also breed within carpet so if your lifestyle suits a carpeted floor, take steps to maintain a high level of hygiene and maintenance.

Timber Floor – Advantages. Timber flooring can transform your home into something stunning adding value to the capital of your home. And if preserved according to specification should not require the need to be replaced. Timber flooring shows off its natural beauty. It’s warm, diverse, retaining its stunning appearance for life.

Timber Floors – Disadvantages. Contingent on the shape and the elements your household is exhibited to, timber floors can decompose and are not immune to white ants or rats. The polyurethane will not allow the timber to easily contract or expand and the surface could possibly crack between the timber panels.

Tiles – Advantages. Ceramic tiles are the most practical flooring for any home. There are hundreds of choices which out weigh any other flooring option when it comes to colors and styles. Ceramic flooring is easy to maintain. Sweeping, warm water and a mop will make them look like new every time. Tiles are hygienic and store the heat in warmer temperatures making them energy effective too.

Tiles – Disadvantages. Tiles can be a safety hazard in wet conditions. And because ceramic tiles are usually installed in household wet areas including the bathroom and kitchen, young children or the elderly are at risk of injury. Ceramic tiles are cold to walk on in cold months. Because of the sheer weight of tiles installing them over a timber subfloor can be risky.