Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic

Okay were all looking at here is a complete set of the GMTllC of course stands for ceramic to the latest addition to the rolex range and is featured now on the majority of the rolex models it has had mixed reviews but is generally accepted a fantastic addition to the range.

There is a modern hangtag included with holograph rolex. If you look at the front you can see clearly the green GMT 24 hang at the ideal GMT watch of course you can see 24-hour clock at the same time as you can see a standard 12 o’clock and it inability to see three different time zones and once

If look from the top you can see the Cyclops system of the data urges they are very familiar feature so you can see it a lot of the date watches is really beautiful chunky watch and looking down in all the major improvements are GMT if this has now been given the big chunky lug which so many people like unlike the older ones which had the small lug.

its really beautiful watches it has real weight to it you can feel the heaviness of the steal the classic Rolex 904L steal which is cut from one piece of course.

The bracelet is another improvement with its centre polish links which again met with some criticism when it first came out now has been widely accepted.

and back of a bracelet you will se the big 3-D rolex crown in all its glory. A really beautiful chunky bracelet to go with the big body

Looking at the front of the Rolex GMT2C you can see the GNT green hand doing it thing important to point out there is real quality that the bracelet

which is a major improvement over the standard oyster which had a kind of tinny feel to it

The Rolex GMTC is a must for anyone collection no matter if you collect old Rolex’s or new.

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