Features Of A Sligh Grandfather Clock And Oiling Tips

The Sligh grandfather clock is popularly bought. It is a product made by Sligh Company, which was founded by a man called Charles R. Sligh. During those days Mr Sligh was building furniture in a small scale Grand Rapids factory. His company had some workers and its motto was ensuring high quality and excellent craftsmanship. After a few years, the company had grown and expanded to a level of global recognition. It became well known for its sligh grandfather clocks. The company has been running for four generations and it still maintains unrivaled craftsmanship.

Normally, people buy this grandfather clock for two reasons. First they buy it to know the time through out the day or night. Secondly, they buy the Sligh clock for purposes of home decoration and interior design. These clocks are hot and elegant. You are much more likely to appreciate how the clock transforms your home. However, you must take care of it properly and often. There is no expert knowledge required to safe your clock from wear and tear. In fact oiling is what the clock requires the most to facilitate the gear movement. Here are four tips to guide you on how to oil your watch:

*Buy the oil kit from the nearest clock store. Ensure that it has tools to use during application and of course the oil.

*Remove the dial to access the front plate. Then spread oil to every gear intersection and joints.

*Check the outer side of the plate. The Sligh clock has a tiny groove, which is normally called an oil sink. Put oil inside this groove to about half way.

* Moving bottom up, apply oil on all of the gear trains. You should use your clocks instruction booklet if you do not know the areas that need oiling. Different Sligh clocks require unique oiling.
History is something shoppers do not ignore. Even if the latest Sligh clocks exist, some people still insist on buying the classic styles. These are many and they have different features. Some of the common features you are likely to discover on older versions are:

*Many clocks have stainless steel or bronze metal parts including the pivots. This is to ensure durability and elegance. These metals are not corrosive too.

*Decorative and colorful moon discs and dials. These are mainly made of brass.
*Many have lower and upper front hinged doors and other hinged doors at the side to access the movement easily.

*Many clocks have side panels made of glass.

*The clocks pendulums are decorated at the middle and suspended by a twisted rod that looks like an ancient brass lyre.

*Most of the clocks are made of natural wood with different color schemes.
These older version Sligh clocks feature Westminster, Whittington or St. Michaels option chime movements. Some clocks have all the three at once.

*The clock sizes vary therefore you are likely to find your favorite.
There is a great Sligh grandfather clock for you in the market today. Your only role is to search for it seriously especially on the Internet.