Furniture Trend Book For 2014

As you approach towards the finishing of your new home, things become more critical. Decorating the interiors and selecting furniture is indeed a very significant part of the whole process. The interiors of a house are a way to communicate your personality, good taste and values with others. Here are some of the latest trends for Lifestyle Furniture to be observed in 2014:

-Outdoor furniture in the interiors
Garden furniture looks equally trendy when placed inside. Homeowners prefer wooden worn out furniture for their garden area. This type of furniture when placed in the inner area renders a chic raw look to the area. You may opt for material such as unpainted natural wood, metal, glass or rattan. n.

-Custom tailored furniture
It’s great to have decor that is only one of its kind. Customized furniture may be more expensive than the average furniture available at Homemaker Centres but it can be worth the cost. It gives a unique appearance to your home leaving the onlookers awestruck. Moreover, if the furniture is designed according to the room or hall, it will ensure the best use of the area. Also, it leaves the homeowner with more options to choose from whether it is about the shape, size or the color.

-Culture inspired furniture
It is the most rapidly growing trend among the homeowners to bring foreign culture to their home. It changes the overall feel of the area inducing a vibe of a far-off place into your personal space. To have such a culture based theme in your home, you may try experimenting with the different pieces of interior decoration such as the table and chairs, wall decor, art pieces, Accent Blinds, the flooring, recliners, etc.

-Multi-purpose furniture
As homeowners often face the issue of lack of space or planning glitches in their interior design, the best solution for such problems is to have multi-purpose furniture from the Homemaker Stores. Unlike earlier, when this category had only one option which was a sofa-cum-bed, these days you will find extraordinarily designed furnishings to work your way out. It may be something that is a shelf as well as a closet; a chair cum table cum storage shelf; a sofa cum playing area cum study table for kids or any combination of these. Such smartly designed furniture is a very practical option for today’s minimalistic designed homes.

-For the kids…
Children’s room always has to be lively. So say goodbye to the matching colors this time. Colors don’t have to match; try inducing contrasting shades, different patterns and textures into your kid’s space. For Baby Nursery Furniture, you may try statement furniture such as cribs or beds embellished with moldings. These may be expensive and yes kids need them for a very short period of time, but remember, this time will never come back and you will always feel proud to offer something unique and comfy to your kid.