Shoretel Shoregear Sg-220-t1 Vs. Shoretel Shoregear Sg-220-e1

The ShoreGear 220T1 voice switch is 1U half-width, and is capable of supporting up to 220 IP phones or 100 IP phones and a T1 line together. Note that the T1 model differs from the E1 only in the type of internet connection they use. T1 is currently the fastest kind of connection by downloading speed in North Marica, E1 stands for it’s european counterpart. These differ in most of the protocols used while up and downloading, but technically results show the speed is quite the same.

Unlike other solutions, the server can be removed from the ShoreTel UC system and the switches will continue processing calls and text messages. ShoreGear mailbox switch models, unified voice mail and automated attendant functionality. As for the voice calls, the distributed architecture ensures that access to the mailbox will not be interrupted if WAN failure occurs. If ShoreGear Voice Switch fails or there is an isolated fault within the network, the phones become transferred to another voice switch that is turned on.

The system is fully scalable simply by adding the switch and does not require a forklift upgrade. Companies can also pass on ShoreGear IP using Primary Rate Interface options to provide cable channels in tandem and in coordination with the number of already existing telephone exchanges. These voice switches are easy to install and can be centrally managed from any web browser. New ports and users will be added by simply connecting them to the already deployed network. Also there is this ShoreWare Director management software that Shoretel offers you with the ‘gear’, it should automatically find new switches added to the system.

Thus the exceptional ease of management will reduce maintenance and management costs and reduce the overall systems costs. Designed for energy efficiency and independently tested ShoreGear voice switch will also help reduce energy consumption and increase ongoing green business. In separate rankings ShoreTel always gets high marks because of it’s superior IP telephony devices. Technological leadership made available dynamic echo cancellation at ShoreTel, buffering jitter and packet loss results in handling of low latency and high quality communications for calls and access voicemail.

ShoreTel offers innovative solutions that help organizations make significant gains in productivity, as employees spend less time interacting with different voice systems and more time together. The ShoreTel UC system allows flexible dialing across the enterprise, call transfer, web conferencing, video conferencing, call management and intercommunication between sites and easy access to distributed messaging discourse.

Since voice communication is the foundation of any enterprise, it has become standard to demand the utmost in system availability. ShoreGear voice switches exceed stringent requirements of todays enterprise IT, providing 99.999 percent (five nines) availability. The processors that are powering voice switches do not need or use mechanical disk drives, eliminating the the most common points of the system bank failure, the voice switches use an embedded real time operating system and unique call control architecture that allows them to communicate with each other and distribute calls while processing it towards the network.

Communicate with ShoreTel ShoreGear SG 220 T1 and ShoreTel ShoreGear SG-220-E1 on IP Phones, IP softphones and other settings using the Media Gateway Control Protocol. ShoreTel ShoreGear voice switches deliver unified communications to organizations of all size, but mostly small and medium enterprises. These devices unify all kids of communication protocols across all of the enterprise locations, support for IP phones, analog devices, and a huge variety of network interfaces.