Types Of Ceramics – Ceramic Fiber Roll, Blanket Rope Board

Ceramics are complex compounds, which exhibit the properties of metallic elements. They are crystalline in structure and can be processed at high temperatures. The processed ceramic is used in the production of various industrial products such as glass, optic fiber, ceramic insulators, etc. The type of ceramic used as a thermal insulator is Ceramic Fiber. Ceramic Fiber is a white and odorless refractory fiber, which is primarily used as a high temperature insulator.

Ceramic Fiber is first processed from high quality alumina and silica, and then compressed to form the following products:

1.Ceramic Fiber Roll: The Ceramic Fiber is compressed to form large Fiber Rolls. These Ceramic Fiber Rolls are used in various industries for the following applications:

In expansion joints

In packing and filling kilns and furnaces

In secondary processing such as Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Optical Fiber, etc.

In burner openings

For kiln insulations

In emergency repairs in refractory

In glass tanks and glass processing

In fiber boxes

2.Ceramic Fiber Blanket: Ceramic Blanket is a needled blanket that is made from refractory Ceramic Fibers. The Ceramic Fiber Blankets have very low thermal conductivity.


Ceramic Fiber Blanket is used in the linings and insulations in kilns, furnaces, boilers, generators, etc.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket is used in fire protective insulation.

Insulation for power plants and nuclear applications involves the use of Ceramic Fiber Blankets.

Insulation for gas and steam turbines and likewise high temperature equipment requires Ceramic Fiber Blanket.

High-temperature seals involve the use of Ceramic Fiber Blanket.

Furnace door seals as well as expansion joint seals require the use of Ceramic Fiber Blanket.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket is also used for high-temperature filtration.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket is a good sound absorber and therefore, can be used for various acoustic applications.

3.Ceramic Fiber Rope: Ceramic Fiber Rope is made from blanket or yarn strips, which are compressed and over braided with either stainless steel wire or fiberglass or ceramic fiber.


In high temperature gasketing and packing

As a coke oven door jamb seal

In expansion joint packing

In boiler door or furnace insulation and seal

In maintenance of foundries, power plants, steel plants and refineries

4.Ceramic Fiber Board: Ceramic Fiber Board is made from ceramic fibers, which are bonded with organic or inorganic binders. The Ceramic Fiber Boards come in different shapes and sizes.


In boiler tube insulation

In the lining of furnaces, kilns, central heating boiler, hot gas ducts, glass tank side, end walls and port neck

In trough and distribution linings for carrying molten metal

As a heat shield for personnel protection

In rigid high temperature gasket and seals

For pouring forms for non-ferrous castings

In high temperature baffles and muffles

In expansion joints

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